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Realtime Gaming (RTG) is one of the leading companies in casino software segment, which has been known for its progressive slots since 1998. And today, we’ll talk about one of them — Jackpot Piñatas (JP). With a jackpot pool seeded at $250k and a maximum bet of $5, this slot is a leader among all RTG products at GW Casino.

However, the biggest slot win was hit in December 2017 at Bovada Casino — $1,557,930. Overall, Jackpot Piñatas is a great slot for those who love the middle ground in iGaming. It is easy to learn, pleasant to use, and player-friendly in terms of payouts.

Basic Slot Info

Let’s review the general information about the game before your real money play at our casino. JP has 5 awesome reels + 20 pay lines with 95% RTP. The volatility of the machine is high, but the gamers are provided with an opportunity to win free spins (from 5 to 25).

There are some conditions to claim a jackpot. JP has a special sign to receive the main prize – the red bull. Its image is associated with the kids’ game of Pinata — hence the slot name and theme. The wild symbol is also available and provides a player with a doubled bonus of 40,000 coins. You can try this slot online or via mobile device.

Join the Mexican Party

And now, let us share our thoughts about the design of the slot. As you might have guessed, the game designers from RTG have made every effort to build a unique atmosphere of a Mexican village. The slot uses the desert color palette, and the signs accurately represent a Mexican theme.

They are represented by maraca, sombrero, lime, different types of pinatas, fireworks, tacos, and more. Sounds and music are not something special. But when a wild symbol is triggered, a pleasant Mexican music begins to play.
Jackpot Piñatas Gameplay

All Things Money

The coin size in this slot is 0.25 cents, while the maximum bet is equal to 20 coins, i.e. $5. The bet amount in the slot is fixed — the player can bet 25 cents on each line, but not more and not less than this.

Still, you are free to decide on how many lines you want to bet. But if a player wants to acquire a tangible money jackpot, of course, they need to bet on all 20 lines, and not on one. The progressive jackpot of this slot is really large, even in terms of RTG games.

Its initial amount is $250k and it is growing with each bet placed. To hit it, you should match the bull symbol icons in a line. If someone wins, all players around the globe receive a notification about this on their screens. Immediately after winning, the prize size is refreshed and returns to $250,000.

Symbol Details

We have already touched on this question earlier. Now, let’s talk about symbols and their purpose in more detail.

Name of the symbol: Meaning & Max payout
Bull Pinata: Progressive jackpot
Donkey Piñata: Wild symbol, 20,000x
Dog Piñata: Scatter symbol, 1,000x
Lime: 100x
Tacos: 100x
Sombrero: 200x
Golden Ring: 200x
Maraca: 250x
Box: 250x
Fireworks: 750x
Rose: 750x
Woman: 1,500x

Go Wild for a Jackpot

Everything is quite clear with ordinary icons, but special ones require a more detailed analysis. There are three types of them — Red Bull, Green Donkey, and Scatter Dog.

‘Wild’ Donkey

The Green Donkey is a wild symbol that is responsible for a corresponding prize. You can get it only if the other two special symbols haven’t been hit. This symbol can bring you 20 coins for 5 symbols in a line. The smallest bonus you can get is 2 coins. Moreover, if you get a donkey from your free rounds, your bonus is doubled. Thus, in the best-case scenario, you can win 40,000 coins.

‘Scatter’ Dog

This is a scatter sign that must appear at least three times in order for you to receive the smallest bonus. However, there is also a positive point. If you manage to receive five of these Dogs Piñata, you will receive an impressive bonus prize calculated according to the particular formula: your bet * 1000. When playing through your free rolls, the multiplication is 2000!

‘Progressive Jackpot’ Bull

Finally, the most lucrative and coveted bonus of all. To trigger this prize, you must collect 5 Red Bulls on one pay-line. The prize size starts from $250k and can reach over one and a half million! How to get the opportunity to claim such a prize?

Progressive’s rules

Of course, in order to qualify for a jackpot, you must fulfill the following requirements. Let’s review tham all. As we have already said, you can’t change the size of the bet, it’s always 0.25 cents. To collect the main prize, you must play with all 20 pay lines. Another condition – you can’t use free bonus coins, just your real bet.
Jackpot Piñatas Free Spins

Bonuses Review, Amigos!

As an additional bonus for iGamers, JP offers a special Pinata Feature. You can claim it by receiving 3 Scatter Dog Piñata icons on one pay line. After that, you will see a page, where you must gather 2 Piñata signs out of 3. By opening them, you receive cash prizes. In addition to extra money, you can also gather a special Rose. This sign entitles you to a bonus round. In case if the player isn’t lucky enough, he receives 5-25 Free Rolls and the Scatter Piñatas round is over.

Jackpot Piñatas Online Slot Summary

Summing up, we would like to say that this slot is an excellent choice for almost any player. There is no science here, just pure luck. Here are a few JP advantages:

  • Cool-looking design: icons and theme;
  • Really huge progressive: at $250K;
  • Easy to receive free rolls: up to 25;
  • Large max win: up to 50,000X a bet.


  • Is Jackpot Piñatas the best online slot?

    It completely depends on the player and the type of game that you prefer. In fact, all slots are good in their own way, so it is not possible to determine the best one.

  • How can I win real money from Jackpot Pinatas?

    Well, first of all, you need to bet money. Before that, it is better to study GW online casino terms and conditions and read our full Jackpot Pinatas slot review to learn the rules inside out. After that, add real money to your account, and if you are lucky, you can win a fortune!

  • Can I play JP with bonus money?
    It’s all up to the casino of your selection. We highly recommend that you read the welcome bonus T&Cs before betting for real. Chances are that you will be able to spend the bonus money in any game on the site, including any of the slots. However, there are exceptions. Then, try to make money by playing other slots with bonus money. After that, you can get back to Jackpot Pinatas.