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Privacy Policy

GW casino respects and honors the privacy of all the customers. That is why we inform you about collecting and storing certain information about our users to enhance the customer experience only. The section describes how we collect, keep, and process our client’s info. According to terms&conditions, you agree on gathering data. Moreover, by interacting with our website, you accept these rules and understand its points. If you don’t agree with one or more of them, stop using the site.

Please, read the following paragraphs carefully to be aware of our principles before you create a player account.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small datasets that are stored by browsers. They help us get key info about you as a client, as well as your browsing activity. We use analytical apps to see how we can personalize the gamblers’ experience.
Further, you will learn how we use data, why we do keep it, and how it is possible to prevent this. Note that the block may affect the site’s functionality.

Using Cookies

We get info to know you better and, respectively, deliver more tailored offerings, for instance, unique promo offers and enhance your gambling experience. Plus, you can instruct the site to save custom preferences like login details to not enter them later. Finally, cookies help us get control over the users’ activity and prevent fraudulent or criminal behavior.

Are There Third-Party Cookies?

Yes, we use Google systems to analyze the visitors’ behavior. These cookies help us reveal how you explore the website, which pages you check most often, and so on. Additionally, we use cookies of external partners to reward both them and customers for following the affiliate links. Thanks to this info, we deliver more engaging content and personalized services.

How to Disable Cookies

Tick the appropriate box in your browser’s settings. Remember that disabled cookies, most often, lead to limited functionality. We suggest having cookies enabled though.

Still Have Questions?

Just contact us if there are points that you don’t understand.

Public Info

Note that any info disclosed by you or other gamblers in the chats is considered public info. All the data from these messages can be freely accessed and gathered by third parties. We aren’t responsible for the aftereffects of such disclosure as we can’t control third parties. When you decide to send any personal info in a public message, you do it with full awareness of risks.

Notifications and Emails

We can send you newsletter messages about the platform, its services, games, and other sites you accessed. We may promote external sites unrelated to our casino blog. During the registration, we ask clients to share their contact info and will have a chance to disable newsletter emails.

Further, at any time, you can unsubscribe and/or block such messages, too. Just use the guidelines provided in each message. However, it’s impossible to unsubscribe from tech/security emails as they’re an essential part of our operation.

Use of Data

We need personal details to provide users with access to the platform. We can collect the required info when you sign up, give us your consent to get data, disclose it publicly, and provide it to communicate with the casino experts. We use this info for administration of accounts, and providing promo offers.

We may also hire intermediaries to complete specific tasks. These companies can only use the required users’ data for their direct purposes within our cooperation. Particularly, we can share your info with middlemen for marketing goals but only upon your preliminary consent. They can’t legally share this data with others. Also, note that we can disclose your private info if it’s required by governments.

The aggregated non-sensitive data can be shared to make our offerings better. You accept this as long as you use the casino blog. The site includes links to external platforms. Once you follow them, their own policies and terms will prevail. We aren’t responsible for these external sites and their interactions with you.

We always try to protect data from illegal access using different security tech and algorithms. Still, we can’t guarantee full safety. Thus, we aren’t responsible for any disclosure related to errors, hacks, and other factors out of control. Don’t share your password with the third parties and don’t forget to log out after the session finished, it’s a matter of your security and privacy too.

Updates and Removals

Using the tools provided by us, you can correct, update or remove all the sensitive info from the site. However, it may lead to limitations in using the casino blog or accessing specific areas of the site. We don’t make refunds or conduct transactions on the website. Still, we can store your info in local files to solve disputes and comply with the regulatory requirements.