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Customers are the most valuable asset for any business. Without committed gamblers, no online or land-based casino can succeed and, more importantly, exist at all. We fully realize this. Hence, we try to deliver the best services to satisfy our users.

Providing top-quality content along with first-class services is one of the most important tasks of any casino. Nevertheless, there are always more points to consider. For example, support. We also realize that it’s impossible to be perfect all the time.

Software problems, hardware glitches, blackouts, connectivity issues, fraudulent behavior of other users, regulations that block access to the services, and more – it’s even difficult to foresee all potential concerns. That’s why any casino must have a professional support team available even on weekends and holidays.

Our Support Center

The team of skilled operators and experts works to help you round-the-clock. Our customers can contact us at any time of the day and night, at holidays, and at weekends. We’re ready to answer your questions and solve your issues to maintain the highest level of gambling experience.

The center works in real time and consists of the best customer relations specialists. Feel free to contact us 24/7/365 regardless of the weather conditions or other obstacles. We’re always one button or one call away.

Cases to Contact Us

If you aren’t sure whether your issue can be solved, don’t hesitate to ask us. Still, there are some points that relate to our main areas of focus. Reach out to us as fast as possible in these cases:

  • Any concerns about the site, games, bonuses, rewards, and rules.
  • Glitches with bonus money or free spins.
  • Issues with games or other software.
  • Problems with connectivity.
  • Problems with loyalty points or promo credits.
  • Self-exclusion and limitation questions.
  • The fraudulent or criminal behavior of players.
  • Violations of responsible gambling principles.

Also, feel free to deliver feedback if you have something to say. We appreciate all reviews, both positive and negative. We will try to fix all the bugs and issues revealed by the users. As well, you can send your improvement proposals and we will consider them and pass on to our developers.

Ways to Contact Us

Currently, the casino supports four main options. Choose the most convenient one for you. If the case is urgent, you can try to use several options simultaneously. Still, please, don’t overload us with requests. We promise to process each call and each message as quickly as possible.


The built-in chat system allows players to talk to the casino experts by text or by voice. Just click the chat button to open it and connect to the available casino operator. We’re live 24/7 to solve any issue, chat with you, or provide clarifications related to the points of T&C and privacy policy.


Want to find out how GW is going to solve problems specific to your account? Let’s talk. We’re happy to receive your call. For any concerns regarding your profile, deposits or withdrawals, call us at the phone number: +442037693923. You’ll enjoy a friendly conversion, for a start.


Alternatively, you can send an email Every message will be received and answered ASAP. We just ask you to send a request from the same email address you used to register the account in our casino.

If you are not a member of the online casino yet, it does not mean you are not eligible for help. Thus, any visitor of the GW casino can send queries to the customer support team via email. So, in case you have any questions related to the service and/or content provided by the operator, feel free to get in touch with casino employees.

Contact Form

If you don’t want to mess around with emails, chats or phones, you can simply fill out the contact form. Leave your contact info, describe the case in as much detail as possible, and send it to us. Have no doubt, we will get back to you quickly. Again, use the same email you provided upon registration. Thanks!

  • Your Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Subject:
  • Description:

Remember that our clients are the most important asset for us. We will do our best to improve your experience and solve any problem encountered.