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GW Offers Best Online Roulette Games

Do you know when roulette was invented? Far back in the 18th century. Yeah, you read it right! It has a long history, many variations and, of course, thousands of fans.

If you have Lady Luck on your side, this game is just for you and it’s high time to start playing it with GW Casino. Log in to your account or make such at GW Casino as a first step. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, make sure to learn the fundamentals of the game, its terminology, and the list of the most exciting online roulette variations. And guess what? GW Casino 280 will help you cope with this task.

What Are the Rules of Roulette?

Your main task is to predict the pocket where the spinning ball will land. The traditional elements of the game are a ball, a roulette wheel with numbered sections, and a table where the bets are placed.

The trick is that there are various types of bets, so wagering may be a real pain in the neck to beginners. First of all, you should know that there is a “Straight Up Bet”. Actually, it’s a stake on any number, so your chance of winning isn’t high, but at the same time, the reward may be really huge. When you want to place a wager on two nearby numbers you make a “Split Bet”, on a row of three numbers — “Street Bet”, two rows – “Double Street Bet”.

You may also place your wager on columns or dozens, as well as red or black, high or low and even or odd numbers. You should definitely learn some specific terms if you want to avoid mistakes during your first game. In case you’re sure you’re on a hot streak, push the “All-in” button to use all your money with one bet. Plus, there are “Action”, which means that a player is ready to make a bet, and “Layout”, the place where you put your stakes.

Roulette Games at GW Casino

Of course, you can rest assured that the online game is fair, because it is usually based on the random number generator (RNG) technology. As you can see, roulette is the game for real luckies.

First things first, our players reveal that we have so many roulette entertainments on offer. Do you want to try your fortune? Then, don’t waste your time and play this awesome game guided by GW Casino experts!

1. 3D European Roulette

This casino game is developed by Iron Dog Studios. It is powered by reliable RNG, has beautiful 3D graphics, and offers an opportunity to check the outcomes of the previously played games. Also, you can change the game speed and make any bets you wish. The RTP rate here is 99.5%.

Furthermore, it’s possible to play this game from your mobile, so you’ll be able to enjoy it even on the go. All in all, this is an exciting and simple game that will help you indulge in the gambling world.

2. American Roulette

If you don’t know which roulette variation to play, this one is definitely a good choice. No doubt, it will suit both beginners and professional players. You can make any bet starting from $1 up to $80. In addition, there is a special Expert Mode in this game.

It allows professional gamblers to customize their staking options. Also, you can refer to the stats board to get the necessary information on previous bets and use it to place a wager on the right number. American Roulette is a sure way to get a lot of fun and win some money.

3. English Roulette

This Play’N Go powered roulette has a wheel that consists of 37 numbers. It supports all traditional types of bets, as well as, the new ones. For example, Les Orphelins requires 5 chips to be placed making a bet. Furthermore, you have to put one of them straight on number 1.

The minimum inside bet in this game is $1, while the maximum total bet is $300. Also, the great news is that you can play this game on either a PC or a mobile device. Thanks to the new ways of betting and winning money this variation is certainly worth a try.

4. Premier Roulette

Microgaming is definitely one of the most famous software developers in the world of online gambling. That’s why you can be sure that this game will certainly amaze you and bring you tons of positive emotions.

It has exciting gameplay and wonderful design. Besides, the game includes a roulette guide that will be helpful to beginners. You’ll be able to bet anything from $0.50 to $250. Also, this game has a unique Change Table option. It allows you to customize the table and the wheel as you wish. Besides, it’s possible to choose one of the two speed modes and zoom winning numbers.

You may always try Free Play to learn the rules and get accustomed to the game. Simplicity is a distinctive feature of all roulette games. They’re great for beginners and allow the player to win money without investing much time and effort. All you need to do is choose the variation you’ve liked most, join GW and enjoy the gameplay.