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The Most Popular Table Games at GW: Types And Features

People adore playing table games because they can take their mind off routine tasks, relax and have some fun. There are so many table games that it’s impossible to include them all in this list. In addition, more and more variations pop up every day as developers start using new technologies to create them.

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But, is there any place where you can enjoy the best games of this type? Of course! Look no further than GW. Here, you can find baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette and play them whenever you want. All you need to do is to log in or register with GW. Then you will be offered to create a casino account, put some money in it before you start your gambling journey.


Baccarat was originally invented as a card game for nobles many centuries ago. It has clear and simple rules, so it’s a great choice for beginner gamblers. Your main task is to predict which hand will win. You can place a bet on either a player’s or a banker’s hand. At the same time, you can stake your money on the Tie outcome if you want.

Once the game starts, both the player and the banker get 2 cards. The highest possible value of the pair should be 9. However, if it is less than 6, the third card is added. Aces bring you 1 point, while faces and tens are valued at 0. The 2-9 cards keep their original value. Also, if a hand goes over 9 into a double-digit value, the first digit won’t bring you any points.

Playing the game for nobles is a fast way to win a substantial sum of money. This is the game for lucky people, as well as those, who aren’t afraid of taking risks. Are you among them?


Have you ever read the stories of Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes? Then, you have probably come across this card game in one of them. But, if you are a professional gambler, it’s most likely that you have played blackjack at least once. Here, your task is to beat the dealer — for this, your hand value should be as close to 21 as possible.

Hence, the alternative name of blackjack — Twenty-one. As with baccarat, each round starts with 2 cards. However, the card values are way different in this very game. Faces come with 10 points, aces can be either 1 or 11, and the 2-10 cards keep their face values.

In case you get more than 21 in total, the opponent wins and you lose your money. The action is so exciting that you will definitely lose track of time. It has simple procedures and provides you with an opportunity to try both your luck and your skills.


European, French, American — these are all variations of one game that come with slightly different rules and procedures. However, the gist of the game is still the same. Your aim is to predict the wheel section, or pocket, where a small ball will land after the roulette has been triggered.

The traditional version was invented far back in the 1700s, and its action hasn’t changed much since that time. The game consists of several elements. The first one is a roulette wheel, which is divided into 36 sections as a rule. Usually, 18 of them are black, while others are red. The other two crucial elements are a small ball and a table, where the players make different bets.


This game is played with a pair of dice. Its rules are easy to grasp, but it comes with a huge number of bet types. So before engaging in the game, make sure you get familiar with all those wager options and odds. The player’s task is to actually predict the outcome of the roll and put a stake on either Pass Line, or Don’t Pass Line.

It’s said that this game was first played by knights and nobles in the 14th century. However, at that time this game was called Hazard. Take into consideration that it’s really difficult to predict the result of the game, so you need to be a fortune’s darling to win. However, if you are not afraid of taking risk, this game is just what you need.


It’s impossible to imagine the list of gambling games without poker. It’s not just a game, it is now recognized as a sport. Poker tournaments are popular events that gather expert players from all over the globe. Playing it, you can work out your own winning strategy and beat your rivals.

Of course, you’ll need to learn the basic rules and terms if you want to become a real professional. First of all, it’ll be a great idea to remember the hand types such as Straight Flush, Full House, and Royal Flush. Besides, you can read special guides written by professional poker players like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey. Soon, you’ll notice that you are ready to take part in a real tournament.

As you can see from the list above there are both luck-based and skill-based table games that you can try. All of them offer an exciting pastime and a chance of winning real cash. And due to modern technologies, you can not only enjoy your favorite games but also join a friendly community. All these opportunities are available at GW Casino 280, so don’t miss out on them.